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PDMS Management System

PDMS Management System

Integration of the PDMS with a customer’s management system

The Patient Doctor Management System (PDMS) is specially designed for the management of the telehealth system in business models defined as B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

The main characteristics of PDMS are, among others, the following:

The PDMS is composed of three distinct modules:

  • The Registration and Administration module
  • The Patient’s module
  • The Doctor’s module

General aspects of the PDMS are, among others, the following:

  • Register on-line, on time.
  • Modular architecture for easy integration with third party Cloud Technology systems.
  • Development of our own API and communications protocols.
  • Multichannel communications (SMS, voice, data, emails, twitter, etc.)
  • Automated management of key operations. 80% of calls requesting medical consultations can be managed automatically
  • Interactive Medical History.
  • HIPPA compliant.
  • All information managed through the PDMS is encrypted.
  • Application for Smart Phone, Multi-Device, Multi-language.

Patient module

Patient module

The personal medical history, the basic information that the doctor will use to perform the consultation, of each member is managed through the Patient Module. All members must have their personal medical history up to date before speaking with a doctor. Any changes made during the consultation by the doctor will be updated in the patient module.

doctor module

Doctor's module

The Doctor’s Module allows physicians to manage their profile, along with their weekly schedules to determine their availability for accepting consultations. Using the Doctor’s Module, the Chief Medical Officer manages the weekly availability of all doctors attached to the network.

dashboard module


The Dashboard is the module that allows a manager access to all statistical and operational information created during any use of the PDMS.